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What’s New

  • Highline just delivered 11th rapid forming press with enhanced laser marking and imaging software.
  • New HAAS VFY-2YT with fourth axis fully operational now to further reduce lead time on parts for prototyping.

Highline Controls has been trusted by clients all over the globe because of our ability to find simple solutions for complicated problems and for our dedication to maximizing customer satisfaction. When you choose us, you can expect results in a reasonable period of time and at a sensible price. We are constantly striving to improve our existing practices and create higher-quality, more cost-effective solutions for clients. Our commitment is to offer ingenious designs and custom engineering excellence that enhances your operations.

Company History

Our initial focus was to help turn around a tier-one supplier of suspension components to General Motors and Ford Motor Company. We then expanded to provide engineering services and automation design to many companies in the Midwest, while at the same time furthering the development of advanced control systems. One of the development activities grew into a startup called Phred, which provided an automated method for developing machine control applications.

Machine Design

At the turn of the century, Highline Controls moved to the Bay Area and changed its focus from Rust Belt manufacturing and automation to the medical device, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries. Since that time, we have helped many companies through process development and characterization, validation, and various quality assurance projects. We now have offices in Livermore, California, with about 5,000 square feet of machining, fabrication, commissioning, and prototype development testing space.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is about delivering simple solutions to complex problems. We emphasize breaking down the process into more basic steps and devising innovative ways to ensure each stage is controlled and monitored. The combination of these individual phases provides a complex, yet efficient, process. Characterization and validation of the process is then low risk, given that every step is well understood and controlled. Our designs use this same approach to provide solutions that center on tightly controlling and monitoring all phases, usually with 100% verification for each one.

We work with you as if we are an extension of your engineering or quality assurance organization. Our knowledge and decades of experience combined with your organization's understanding of your product and process create an innovative, organized team. This approach allows us to offer the most efficient assistance with your product, which leads to better serving your customers.

Machine Design 2

Why You Should Choose Us

  • Trust: We work with your engineering team to deliver solutions that matter.
  • Commitment: We do what it takes to complete projects within budget and on time.
  • Expertise: Our history of producing ingenious ideas is beyond all others.
  • Quality: Our solutions meet or exceed industry or regulatory specifications.

The Perfect Choice for Your Business

Highline Controls has full capability to design, build, and test at our shop in Livermore, California, which is located just a few blocks from the highway. In fact, many clients utilize our shop for testing and development of the processes before going into production.

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